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How it works

How Venues N More Works

Booking a party venue and/or experience has never been easier! We have vetted, safe, and some of the most unique venues and experiences on Venues N More. With our marketplace, you can easily discover, message, and book in minutes within a few clicks.

It's easy to use Venues N More as a venue or service provider. You can easily create an account and start listing your venue and services in minutes. We do require an active subscription in order to have a listing and you can get started by selecting our most affordable subscription, our basic that is billed semi-annual here.

We take the safety of our community seriously, so our team will review all listings and remove any that are suspicious and/or violate our community rules (see below). 

Not sure how Venues N More works and how easy it is to get started? Here's a quick video demo of how to find and book the right venue or birthday party in under 2 minutes!

Here are a few tips when creating your listing on Venus N More:
1. Need help getting started? We created a how-to add a listing guide to help you here
2. Be descriptive in the title and description. Please keep in mind that most people have never heard of or been to your venue, so a thorough description and listing will generate more interest and booking requests. Please do not be misleading though or misrepresent a venue. 
3. Take high-quality pictures! We also share high-resolution images of venues on our social so the more you can add, the better chance of bookings and us sharing.  
4. If you would like to see an example listing, you can view this one for reference. 
5. Have more questions or want us to help setup your venue or optimize your listing? We'd love to and please just send us an email at to let us know. 

Here are a few tips when booking a venue and/or experience on Venus N More:
1.  Most venues list their basic offerings on Venues N More, so if you have special requirements, needs, or requests for a venue, you can simply message them through the contact venue option here on Venues N More. 
2. Venues are typically in high demand, so please message them prior to submitting a booking request if it's on a weekend. 
3. Need more help? We're party experts, so can help you out! Just send us an email at

Subscription, Fees, Payments, and Disputes


We are a business, so we charge a nominal subscription for venues to have a listing. You can cancel at any time, but we do require an active subscription in order to have a listing. The following are our subscription options:

Basic subscription- One location and listing, full platform capabilities and features such as listings, user messaging, online payments, and more!

$41/month (annual billing) select this subscription here

$50/month (billed every 6 months) select this subscription here

Premium subscription- Multiple locations and listings, full platform capabilities and features such as listings, user messaging, and online payments. Social marketing, content features (such as on our blog), and more!

$82/month (annual billing) select this subscription here
$100/month (billed every 6 months) select this subscription here


Venues N More does not charge any additional fees beyond the monthly subscription.  There are, however, online processing fees that are out of our hands that are based on your bank and PayPal.  The PayPal fee is based on your accounts fees and is usually around 2.9% (if you choose, "Book Now and Pay Online" when setting up your account). 

In the event that there is a dispute, you are covered by PayPal's buyer and seller protection. For this reason, we use PayPal as the form of payment for all sales.

For the safety and security of our community, we also do not tolerate transactions to be taken off of our site. Sending your personal information, contact information, email, etc is prohibited in messages and you will be removed from our site if you do so.

Community Rules

1. Respect all other members and do not send offensive, spam, or threatening messages, leave comments, or any other form of offensive communication.
2. Only create listings for venues and/or services you are authorized to represent. 
3. We do not allow contact information or external links (URL's) on listings and/or in images that are added to listings.  This includes emails, websites, and phone numbers. 
3. In general, this is a community online but treat all other members like you would if speaking with them in person.
4. Try to answer all messages timely fashion.  

If you ever have any questions or need any help, feel free to contact us through the site and we will promptly reply.